Ok, first things first, a certain little one is celebrating her birthday this weekend at This Design Journal abode. We are celebrating at one of her favorite places CHUCK E CHEESE , where there is a birthday party package option, but that hasn't deterred us from adding some of our own DIY touches . For starters we painted some DIY Favor Bags - together and that is what I am sharing here today .

So onto the project -

I bought a pack of drawstring cotton bags sometime last year - thinking of making some favor bags for Christmas for friends, but we took a vacation during the time and these were forgotten about. When I tweaked my work space a few months back - they came back into my radar again and I decided to use them for Akshara's Birthday. I got them at Amazon , but they are available in craft shops and places like Walmart.

Personalized Favor Bag

Supplies    :  Drawstring Canvas Bags / Wood Blocks or Shape Cutouts  for stamping / Thick Cardboard PaperCraft Paint
Time         : 30- 40 minutes ( Based on the number of bags you want to make)

Personalized Favor Bag

To make the stamps, this is where you can get creative. In the market, rubber pads are available to make stamps. But we don't really need to get it to do some fun stamping works. For our bags, I have used the wood blocks that she plays with in different shapes. What would I have done if I didn't have it ? I would have cut down a dish washing sponge in the shapes I wanted. Easy enough right. Stamping is a craft with lots of possibilities.

Personalized Favor Bag

Next thing is to decide on the colors. I chose summery ones - we are getting to the fag end of summer season - why not elongate it for some more time !!!

Once that is set, all there is to do is stamp away. Since we are painting on fabric, the paint will bleed to the other side. To prevent that from happening, cut a thick paper or cardboard and slide it into the bag.

Now using a brush apply a thick layer of paint on to the block and stamp away.

Personalized Favor Bag

Personalized Favor Bag

How did you like our simple goodie bags? Something you would like to do too? And there is one which is done by the little one, can you guess which ?

Have a very happy weekend Friends.


  1. Very cute. Now to look for some simple bags to use.

    1. Thank you Hil. I love that these could be multi purpose - from cosmetics to stationery, anything can go in them and be on the go:-)

  2. These little party favor bags are too cute and such a fun way to get kids involved! I love how they're reusable too long after the party, and that the kids can get creative with them. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Merry Monday! We hope you'll join us again next week! :)

  3. Such a great idea! I love crafty party ideas like this.