The great summer vacation is half way through in this part of the world. While there are summer camps of all sorts all around me, I could not justify the idea to send our little one for one with her mom at home to take care of her. So we devised strategies to spend time, a little bit of reading, writing, crafting, park,games and a bit of the idiot box and a few craft and music classes.

She went to Michaels Craft Store for kids craft class - They called it Passport To Imagination . She had fun for 2 hours  class time and I browsed around the store - a lot. That is how I came across these simple raw wood bird houses for a few cents each along with a ton of other craft supplies and we have been spending our afternoons working on them.

This is one of the firsts we did.

I chose to paint them with an Ombre effect and embellish with paper flowers. I chose it because that was easiest for my little girl. You can go a lot far with older kids I think.

Basically these were raw wood bird houses - with endless possibilities to decorate them. You can paint or stain them, mod podge them with colorful scrap book papers, yarn or fabric , decorate with embellishments - the ideas are limitless .

All my friends alomost always ask me what do I do with things that make. A question that tires me as well as please me . This time, i made a mobile with the houses we painted. Just a pretty detail hanging from ceiling in our small home.

I have hung it out to take a good picture - but in real it hangs in our living room.
That is the first in this summer series. Did I just say series? - You bet ! We have a few like this.

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  1. So adorable!!! I love the ombre effect.

    1. Thank you Reshma. Ombre effect is also a way to clean up a messed up painting by a 4 year old. :-)